We are ready when you are too

In recent months, many have had to postpone their treatment and we have worked hard to support and reschedule. Now, borders are reopening, airlines are operating and many of our verified clinics are taking patients back. Here’s what we’ve done to make sure you can plan your treatment with confidence.


If you have a scheduled treatment and you are not affected by one of the many travel bans and the closure of the clinic, it is your decision. personal to travel and follow the treatment. If you choose to travel, it is important to understand some of the risks.

  • It is possible that your flights to be canceled at the last minute. Before traveling, you should contact your company. aerial.
  • With the regulation of international air travel and the closure of countries, you may get stuck somewhere.
  • By choosing to travel, you will be indoors with many people and thus risk getting sick.

We are always dedicated to meeting your needs. first place. Are you looking to plan your treatment, but are you worried about the trip being interrupted? Do you have a reserved treatment that may require rescheduling? Don’t worry, we’re here to help. Contact the patient coordinator, call us or send an e-mail to info@romedas.ro.

Find more information about the virus and current developments on the websites of the World Health Organization or the local health association, for example the NHS in the UK and the DSP in Romania.

We are here for you.

  • Flexible rebooking guaranteed

Are you worried about having to cancel your trip? Book your treatment through ROMEDAS now and change your treatment dates at no extra cost if you can’t travel.


  • Knowledge is power

We offer complete transparency regarding the safety measures our verified clinics take to protect you, your doctors and their staff.


  • Personal support

We talk to hundreds of patients every week, and our experts know the answers to the questions you didn’t even know you had. So remember! We are here to help you.